If you've assigned sprites to bones you'll see that if you rotate, move or scale bones, the assigned sprites will be effected with them.  If all sprites are assigned to bones you may not have a need to ever select or edit a sprite directly.  If this is the case, you can lock  and/or even hide all sprites so that you can not accidentally select or edit a sprite by clicking on the show or lock buttons along the top right of the canvas. You can do the same for bones if you have a need at any point to only edit sprites.To start animating, first edit your starting frame by selecting and moving, rotating, stretching or changing the alpha (translucency) of any of the sprites or bones.  Then click on another point along the time line and then adjust the sprite or bones as necessary to create the next key frame.  Editing any sprite or bone while on a new point in the time line will automatically create a key frame.  You can also create a key frame at any time by clicking on the “key all” button near the bottom right of the canvas, or by clicking on the key selected button while one or more objects (sprites or bones) are selected. (See Key All vs Key Selected for more information)
Animating Sprites and Bones

Spriter Pro User’s Manual version 1.4