1) Create The Character Map. Click the “CharMaps” button at the top-right of the Animations palette.  This will bring up the Character Maps Palette, which we'll come back to shortly. Now click the “Create New Character Map” button toward the bottom right of the Character Maps Palette. This will bring up the actual dialogue for creating Character Maps.
Creating Character Maps

Spriter Pro User’s Manual version 1.4

2) Assigning Images to be replaced by a Character Map.   Now use the left column of the “Edit Character Map” Palette to navigate to the images you want to effect with this Character Map.  Left click on an image you want to effect, and then use the right column of the “Edit Character Map” palette to find the image you would like to replace the currently selected image with. When you've found the replacement image, right click it to assign it.  It will then appear in the left column by the side of the image it will be replacing. Repeat this process for all images you want replaced by this Character Map. In this example shown in these images, because there are two folders with sets of images with exactly the same names, you can actually assign entire folders at a time in your Character Map.  To do so, simply left click the entire folder in the left column of the “Edit Character Map” Palette, and then right-clicking on the folder containing the replacement images in the right column of the “Edit Character Map” Palette. 3) Setting Images to be ignored (not changed) by a Character Map.  If you accidentally assign a new image to an image you do not want to be replaced, simply select that image once more in the left column and then click the “set ignored” button toward the top left of the “Edit Character Map” palette. 4) Setting Images to be hidden by a Character Map instead of replaced.  If there are images you'd like to be hidden instead of replaced by a Character map, simply select the image in the left column of the “Edit Character Map” palette and then click the “Set Hidden” button toward the top-left of the “Edit Character Map” palette.
NOTE: All of these options can be applied to multiple images at once. You can hold the Cntrl key while left clicking images to multi-select them.